Tuesday, February 19, 2013

pictures and poetry project feedback

We recently finished the Pictures and Poetry Project, and were able to take a class to share all of our awesome work. Students provided feedback regarding their favorite picture and poem combinations, recognizing fellow students for good work. Students also provided feedback regarding the process they went through in order to create their picture and poem combinations, along with their overall feelings and input regarding what they enjoyed about the process and what they would change.

Below you can find some of the student responses. As I have previously done, I've highlighted a few of my favorites.

·         I personally loved doing this project, but I would have enjoyed it much more if we did it individually. I really liked doing this!
·         I loved it!! No changes!! Very fun!! Loved having a partner!!!
·         I really enjoyed this project, and the project helped me learn how to write poetry.
·         I really liked the project. It gave us all a chance to be creative. I really wouldn’t change anything.
·         I don’t like poetry, but with this project I actually liked to create poetry.
·         I loved this. I’m not good at writing poems but this is a lot of fun.
·         The things I wished we would have done different would have been more creative with how we put the stanzas on the picture.
·         I liked being able to work with a partner.
·         I think we could have been more creative with our poems.
·         The project was fun but I would have liked to pick my partner and used my own pictures.
·         We should have been able to get our pictures off the internet and been able to pick our teams.
·         I like picking our own teams. I wish we could have gotten our own pictures.
·         I wish we made ours longer instead of just 3 and 4 lines.
·         I wish I would have spent a little bit more time on my poem, and picture choice because I don’t think I gave it my best effort.
·         Maybe next time let us pick partners. I was lucky to sit by a friend but if I wasn’t sitting by a friend then I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much.
·         I kind of wish I had a different partner, just because I’ll have someone I can talk to without it being awkward.
·         I liked this project a lot! It gives you a chance to collaborate with other people and get new ideas.
·         I wish I could have wrote more poems that meant something, and were deeper than writing about mustaches.
·         I like this project but I would have liked to pick my pictures.
·         I loved this project! Everything about it was awesome!
·         I would like to pick my partner, and I loved using the computer. Even though I don’t like poetry. I kind of like this project.
·         I wish we would have put more time into our poem because our poems did not rhyme or have repetition.
·         I liked that I didn’t have to come up with the poems all by myself, but I would have liked to choose our partners. I also liked that we used pictures for inspiration, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to come up with a poem without the pictures!
·         I liked using smartnotebook, on the computer for this assignment; I also liked working with Elie very much, because she helped me with the revision of some of my poetry. Elie also helped pick out some of the pictures for the backgrounds, and she wrote two poems that we could have used. All in all, I enjoyed the assignment, due to the partner I was working with. I did not enjoy the assignment, because it involved poetry and I don’t like poetry.
·         I enjoyed this activity. I always enjoyed working on the computers. This activity also helped me understand poems structure. This helped me immensely.
·         I really liked this project, as I enjoy writing poetry. I also really liked working with a partner, I got to find out how they thought a bit.
·         I liked working with a partner, but I would want to pick my partner next time. I feel my team did well and we worked together very well.
·         I really liked doing this. I think it was more challenging on my own. I would’ve loved to have a partner.
·         GarciaHodges_2: its an acronym and its really meaningful. I liked how the text matches the picture’s letters.
·         There is nothing that could make me wish I have done something different with my poems, because they are the poems that I had made and nothing could be more special than that.

If you're interested in seeing the work the students created, come by the classroom and I'll show you. Unfortunately, various soul-crushing time-takers stop us from fully publishing the student work on the web. Hopefully you can enjoy the student feedback, which seems to be more important than the actual work itself.

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