Thursday, October 31, 2013

Article of the Week vocab words

It's been a few weeks since we did an "article of the week" (go figure on the name), but we've got one this week, and today we discussed as a class to choose some new vocabulary words and constructed response questions. Unfortunately, in second period, we got into such a wonderful discussion about genres that we didn't get choose vocabulary words and questions. That's alright though; I'll just pull in the most popular words for the vocabulary list and best questions for the constructed response. The quiz will be next Friday, November 8, 2013.

One thing that I think is awesome and wonderful is how students are starting to expand their thinking about the topic, and asking questions that can't be answered in the article. The article of the week quiz is designed to assess student reading of the article and student writing for a structure constructed response. Because of these restrictions, many of the questions that the students pose, which can't be answered in the article, are relegated to the sidelines because they're too big. Well, as their teacher, I this is a great problem to have. So I'm going to start adding an extra credit question on Monday. It will be a question that can only be answered through outside research and learning. I'll ask that the students answer the question as a constructed response, after doing the research of finding the answer. I think that's a great alternative to simply having students not consider those questions at all. And if I could incentivize the answering of these questions through not offering extra credit, I'm all ears. 

Third Period:

Fourth Period:

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