Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poetry Presentation Project

This week we'll be working on our Poetry Presentation Projects. Students should have memorized their chosen poems already, and quite possible spent some time analyzing their poems on their paper. This will place them in good standing through the week, as we actually put the presentation together.

Students will be using Google Presentation, which is very much like Microsoft Powerpoint, to make the actual presentation. The pink piece of paper that details the entire assignment (this should be in the students' second section--Reading section--of their English binders) shows what should be included on each slide. Below are four links: two finished examples and two "templates" for students to use.

*ask questions when you're not sure about something
*if you're worried about time limits, come in early or stay late--FRIDAY is our due date
*I want all students to be successful--if you have concerns, talk to me. I can't read minds.

FINISHED EXAMPLE - "Mama is a Sunrise" by Evelyn Tooley Hunt
FINISHED EXAMPLE - "To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything" by Robert Herrick

TEMPLATE - no theme, just headers with blank slides
TEMPLATE - paper plane theme, just headers with blank slides

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