Monday, March 31, 2014

ten best sentences?

I listen to the local NPR station, KSMU, every day when I drive to and from school. I believe KSMU is a great asset to listeners in southwest Missouri. I also frequent the NPR website, which I use for a wider variety of stories that are not carried on local programming.

Last week NPR ran a story about sentences which I really enjoyed. I figured that I would share that story here, as well as a few related stories, since this week we're looking very closely at sentence level writing and revision.

NPR article: "It Was The Best Of Sentences ..."

The American Scholar article: "Ten Best Sentence"

Poynter article: "Why these are the 'Ten Best Sentences'"

What is your favorite sentence from a book that you've read. I'll add mine below in the Comments, and then you can add yours too.

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