Sunday, August 17, 2014

the beginning of a new year

A new school year has begun, and we've started with a flourish. We've started using the computers and the technology tools available to us on the first day, and have made use of them when possible.

Please use this website often to access the 8th grade team website, the Pleasant View Middle School homepage and the Library homepage, as well as Google, SPS Online/Canvas, and eSchool Plus--all of which are available on the right sidebar.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns. My contact information is available on the "Contact Information" button above.

Finally, each day the activities that we work through will be available on the "Assignments" button above. These lists only include bare descriptions, but wherever possible, I'll also include links to documents or other resources that could be used to complete the learning activity.

Let's work together to make sure this is a productive, enjoyable school year.

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