Wednesday, August 8, 2012

one week out

It's one week until the start of school, and the excitement and nervousness has hit in earnestness. I'm always excited about the coming of a new school year, but this year I'm especially excited because of the many changes that I'm attempting this year. I'm reworking the order in which I approach some of my units, and I'm addressing those units in different ways this year. I've been reading a lot this summer; I attended the Reach for the Stars conference at Evangel University put on by Springfield Public Schools, and I've been talking with my wife about what she's doing at school this year. (My wife is a middle school English teacher also). It's great to know that, although I feel like an experienced teacher, I'm constantly reconsidering how I go about addressing learning opportunities with my students. Revision is an extremely important skill for all writers, and to know that I am revising my work, and not being satisfied with the status quo, is encouraging to me. I don't want to grow stagnant or bored with such a wonderful job--although I think it would be incredibly difficult to grow bored working with such amazing students.

This blog is one pretty big change taking place for the coming year. In the past several years I've used my own website that I created. My thinking has lead me to believe that the website was poorly unorganized and included totally unnecessary pages that were never, ever used. I want this blog to be clean, organized, and simple. Hopefully I achieve that. As I said before, I love revision, so I make no promises that these pages won't change often. Stay tuned though, because if you want to know what is going on in my classroom this year, this is the place to find that information.

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