Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a brand new year!

Another school year is beginning today.

It's an exciting time for so many reasons: new ideas and thoughts and learning to be had, new friends to make, new activities to try. I hope that we are able to take advantage of every day that we have this school year, including today, to make the year a great one.

This blog will serve as the 8th grade English class web presence, and my primary method of communication with parents and the community--those who don't get to share the physical space in room 146. My contact information is available on the next page. Please email or call (email is best though) if you have questions or concerns.

The first day of school can be a hectic, stressful time for parents and students. We in the 8th grade team hope to help alleviate any of those unnecessary stressors. We will help students get oriented to the building, if not already, and help ensure they have everything they need for their classes--as well as identifying some needs that may yet be met.

We know that it is difficult for any learning to take place when students are stressed or uncomfortable or uncertain. These first few days will be used to instill a calm routine into the 8th grade, to help students get started down a comfortable path from which they can learn and grow and explore (to use a metaphor).

Let's hope for a great year. And let's work to make it one.

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