Thursday, August 29, 2013

writing assessment

Throughout the week students have been working away on their beginning of year writing assessment. Today is really the day when the essay takes shape. There's quite a bit of thinking and planning that goes in to the formation of the essay, and that process is an important piece to the writing assessment.

No essay simply appears on a page (or on a screen) out of the blue; behind the scenes there is so much thinking and decision-making necessary, and that is not easy. It's important to me, to recognize the good work that students do to get to the point of writing an excellent essay. I do my best to encourage them through this process, and I hope they understand the emphasis I place on the process, rather than purely the product. Without the good work through the process, the product can not and will not be as effective.

Everyone have a great four-day weekend. Be safe, and read a good book.
See you back on Tuesday--in September!

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